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Woodford is recognized as a leading manufacturer of wall and yard hydrants, wall faucets, backflow preventers and vacuum breakers. Installing a Woodford faucet is an investment in your home with quality faucets, designed for easy installation and easy repair. Woodford frost free hose bibs protect your home or business against water damage and costly repairs with quality faucets designed not to burst in freezing weather. offers quality Woodford products including Woodford faucet repair kits. We offer quality Woodford replacement parts with easy to follow video instructions to save you time and money. Our comprehensive online product offerings combined with exceptional customer service make your one-stop for residential or commercial hydrant or faucet repair.

We offer repair parts for several different Woodford models along with Tech Notes and a Troubleshooting Guide for every hydrant and outdoor faucet that we carry. Our video demonstrations show you simple step-by-step instructions on how to repair or replace your Woodford faucet.  The upgraded Patented Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) will prevent bursting of the faucet during freezing conditions.  We offer fast delivery of the parts you need via FedEx or USPS. 

Many Woodford Faucet Repair Kits

We offer repair kits for many Woodford faucets such as the popular Model 14, 17, 25/27, and many others.  We make it easy for you to upgrade the Model 14, 16, 17, 19, 22 and V22 to PRV on 4-in to 14-in model lengths with the patented pressure relief valve for added protection against bursting in freezing conditions. The included visual diagram makes it easy to determine the proper length with color-coded actual size templates. 

The RK-ADJ-PRV Upgrade kit includes:

  • 30002 Handle Screw
  • 35122 Handle Stem
  • 35123 Middle Stem
  • 35124 Inlet Stem
  • 30508 Stem Stop
  • Stainless Steel Clips (2)
  • 30059 Packing Nut
  • 30560 EPDM Packing
  • 30096 Round Metal Wheel Handle

The helpful staff will assist you in determining the right products for your faucet repair or replacement job and instructions for easy installation.

You can find all of your Woodford hydrants, faucets and faucet repair products at,  along with quality Watco bathtub repair and replacement products. Watco offers a full product line of bathtub drain waste solutions and replacement stoppers to fit any tub. is your one-stop for faucet, hydrant and bathtub repair solutions. We offer quality products and exceptional customer service for your total satisfaction. Contact us with any questions and learn the easiest way to upgrade or repair your Woodford faucet.

Watco is recognized worldwide for delivering high quality bathtub drains and tub repair parts including easy to install replacement stoppers. Watco provides a wide selection of fresh and innovative bathtub fixture products such as tub stoppers, trim kits, closures and bathtub waste drain products. is your one stop to find the tub repair products you need with quality parts designed to last and assistance for easy installation. is the official online retailer for high quality Watco products and Woodford outdoor faucets, faucet repair parts and hydrants. We have the parts you need along with a full library of videos showing you step-by-step demonstrations and best practices for easy installation. With the support of and quality Watco tub repair products there is no need to put off your tub repair project any longer.

Watco Bathtub Closures

Watco bathtub closures include the tub drain and bathtub stopper, with a wide selection of options for replacing or repairing your bathtub drain. offers many options for replacing or repairing tub closures with options available in 11.5, 14 and 16 course or fine threaded closures.

Watco Tub Replacement Stoppers

With a wide selection of tub replacement stoppers, Watco offers innovative and easy to install bathtub stoppers to fit any size of tub. We’ll show you the simplest and quickest method to remove your current bathtub stopper and the best way to replace it with an easy and cost-effective solution.

Tub Waste Solutions

Tub waste solutions include the bathtub drain, replacement stopper and tub overflow plates with piping for any bathtub. Choose from plastic, schedule 40 or tubular brass materials.

Bathtub Trim Kits offers everything you need to fully upgrade the look and rehaul the function of your bathtub. Watco quality bathtub trim kits offer fresh and innovative products with simple installation.

Watco Tub Drain and Replacement Stopper Solutions

Watco offers the easiest bathtub drain and replacement stopper solutions, designed for easy installation with simple do-it-yourself options in mind.

Buy is the official online retailer for quality Watco bathtub fixtures and tub repair products and Woodford faucets, hydrants and faucet repair parts and kits. is your one-stop for all your bathtub repair and upgrade solutions with high quality Watco products and exceptional customer support. We provide a complete library of videos for simple demonstrations of repair and installation to ensure your total success and satisfaction. Contact us for your bathtub repair solution today with quality Watco tub repair products.

Watco is recognized as a leading manufacturer of bathtub drains, stoppers, trim kits and closures as well as lavatory drain solutions. has the products you need for innovative bathtub repair and drain solutions for both commercial and residential use. We make your bathtub repair project easy with a wide selection of high quality Watco products available in several models and finish options.

Watco high-quality products combined with the exceptional customer service and support which includes a complete video library with hands-on demonstrations make your one-stop for easy tub repair.  Our knowledgeable staff can direct you to the correct tub repair products for you whether installing new bathtub drains, repairing or replacing damaged or corroded tub fixtures.

Easy Installation with Watco Tub Drains

Watco bathtub repair and drain products are designed for easy installation with the skill level required clearly indicated on a variety of repair kits. Innovative Watco tub drain and replacement stoppers are easy to install in minutes with universal fit products. Whether repairing or replacing damaged bathtub fixtures are just upgrading the look of your tub, Watco and have the solution. 

Choose from many beautiful finish options to change the look of your entire tub and update your bathroom with sleek, shiny new fixtures while improving your bathtub drain performance. Our Watco bathtub stoppers provide long-lasting, high performance with high flow draining and simple to clean and maintain products.  Many of our bathtub drain products are available in a wide selection of finish options such as:

  • Brushed nickel
  • Chrome plated
  • Brushed chrome
  • Polished brass
  • Oil rubbed bronze

Stop putting off your bathtub repair project and experience the Watco difference with quick and easy bathtub repair solutions. Install a matching bathtub overflow plate for a complete and polished look to finish off your bathtub upgrade. is your one-stop solution for all your bathtub fixture repair projects. We offer high quality Watco bathtub repair products and Woodford faucets combined with helpful videos and information for installation and repair. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about the Watco tub repair products available to you.

Woodford Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of high quality outdoor faucets and hydrants, with anti-rupture freezeless faucets designed to last. Woodford offers a wide selection of frost free spigots that protect your home or office during the cold winter months. Woodford frost free hose bibs prevent costly water damage and eliminate the worry of bursting pipes. is the premier, online retailer for high-quality Woodford products as well as Watco bathtub drain and tub repair items. We make it easy with durable, reliable products and exceptional customer service, with easy to follow instructional videos for successful DIY installation. Woodford is the name trusted by professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Woodford Model 19 Frost Free Hose Bib

The Woodford Model 19 frost-free hose bib provides anti-rupture features with a patented pressure relief valve (PRV) that prevents your faucet from rupturing in freezing weather conditions. This protects against water damage even when your hose is inadvertently left connected.  The outdoor faucet will freeze although will not rupture to protect against damage.

Whether you are installing a new outdoor faucet, upgrading or repairing an existing faucet, Woodford and have the solution. We offer a wide selection of quality Woodford faucets with the patented pressure relief valve system and a hose bib vacuum breaker which prevents water supply cross-contamination.  If you need the entire new faucet or just parts and repair kits, has the solution.

When you buy quality Woodford faucets, hydrants and repair products, you can rest assured you are investing in your home with confidence. Don’t get caught these winter months with water damage due to freezing faucets, invest in Woodford frost-free hose bibs today and protect your home or office. is the premier online retailer for high-quality Woodford hydrants, faucets and repair kits, offering quality products proven to last. Your satisfaction is paramount to our success, you can rely on knowledgeable customer service from an experienced staff. Contact us today to learn more about the Woodford Model 19 anti-rupture outdoor faucet.

If you need to install a new bathtub drain, you may already know that Watco leads the industry with high quality tub repair products that are easy to install.  When you want to save time and money, Watco makes DIY tub repair projects a breeze.  With simple tub drain repair and replacement products and easy to follow instructional videos at, there is no need to call a plumber. 

We provide a vast selection of tub drain repair, replacement or upgrade solutions with many repair kits identified with the skill level required for an easy installation.  Our step-by-step videos combined with quality products and exceptional customer service combine to provide a successful DIY tub repair job.  We make it easy to upgrade the look of your whole bathroom with shiny new fixtures such as new tub stoppers, drains and overflow plates. 

Bathtub Stoppers, Drains and Waste Drain Products

Bathtub replacement stoppers that provide the easiest installation solution include the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix by Watco.  This high-quality, push-pull stopper provides a simple solution for tub stopper replacement and is easy to install right over your current tub drain.  With the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, you can install this stopper without removing your tub drain, even if your crossbars are broken, corroded or missing. 

This easy solution by Watco comes in a variety of finish options, such as chrome plated, oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.  For a high-quality tub stopper replacement, choose the Watco SimpliQuick® with high-clearance, easy installation and long lasting performance. 

Tub Waste Drain Solutions offers all Watco bathtub waste drain closures in either fine or coarse thread options.  Waste drain products are available in the material of your choice such as schedule 40, tubular plastic, flexible hose or tubular brass options.  When replacing your bathtub waste drain or tub stopper, don’t forget about the overflow plate.

The Watco Innovator Snap-On overflow plate provides the same high quality with easy installation. Upgrade and modernize the look of your entire bathroom with Watco bathtub waste drain and stopper solutions along with a matching overflow plate. is the premier online retailer for these high quality Watco products as well as Woodford hydrants, faucets, faucet repair kits and frost proof hose bibs.  This is your one source for quality products backed by leading brands and warranties along with exceptional customer service and support. provides everything you need for a successful bathtub drain and stopper repair project.  We make it easy with quality products and full customer support including easy to follow instructional videos.  Contact us for assistance and to learn more about the revolutionary and innovative bathtub repair products by Watco.

With the right bathtub repair products and proper instruction, you can easily replace your bathtub stopper by yourself.  Watco is known for delivering high quality tub repair products which provide long-lasting performance and are easy to install.  It’s easy to modernize the look of your tub and improve the function of your tub drain with an easy to replace tub stopper from Watco

DIY Tub Stopper Replacement Solution offers the best value with high-quality, Watco tub stopper replacements and a full library of easy to follow video instructions.  We provide easy to understand, video instruction with simple, how-to directions for installing or repairing many Watco tub repair products.  You can easily save time and money when you replace your worn out, broken or corroded tub drain stopper yourself. 

We’ll show you how to:

  • Remove your existing bathtub stopper 
  • Install a new stopper over your existing drain
  • Install a new bathtub overflow plate

You can do all this yourself, in just minutes with no prep work, no mess, and no need to call a plumber.  Even if the crossbars in your drain are broken, you do not have to remove and replace your tub drain.  The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution by Watco installs right over your existing tub drain and includes a mesh-grid drain cover.  We’ll show you how to replace your tub stopper in literally less than five minutes.  

Choose from a reversible post that makes installation a breeze, or if your crossbars are broken, you can simply choose the silicone adhesive method. 

Matching Overflow Plate

Installing a matching bathtub overflow plate will brighten up the look of your entire bathtub.  The overflow plate may be something you overlook until it’s time to replace a tub drain or stopper. offers the matching Watco Innovator Snap-On overflow plate that is just as easy to install.  Choose from a selection of various finish options such as chrome plated, oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. is the premier online retailer for quality Watco bathtub stoppers and drain repair products as well as Woodford hydrants, frost free hose bibs and faucet repair kits. provides easy, online ordering and knowledgeable customer service.  Our online video library covers a wide variety of bathtub repair and replacement topics.  Contact us with any questions and to learn more about our bathtub repair and tub stopper replacement solutions.

Woodford Manufacturing is recognized for providing high quality hydrants, repair kits, faucets and frost free faucets which are built to last.  Woodford offers a vast selection of durable products such as frost proof hose bibs that protect your home against water damage during freezing weather.  With a Woodford frost free hose bib, you will not need to worry about your pipes bursting and causing costly water damage. offers a wide selection of Woodford products along with exceptional customer service and instructional videos.  Once you determine the type and size of faucet that you need, check out our step-by-step videos for detailed instructions for a successful installation. 

Whether you’re looking for a new faucet from Woodford, or new bathtub fixtures to update or repair your bathtub drains or stoppers, has the solution. With quality Woodford faucets and Watco tub repair and drain products, along with exceptional customer service, your DIY project will be a total success!

Easy Frost Proof Faucet Installation or Repair

Woodford and make installing a new frost proof faucet a breeze with helpful customer support, quality products and thorough installation instructions and videos.  We offer complete repair kits for existing faucets and hydrants as well as obsolete Woodford items you may be looking to repair. 

We offer installation tips for installing your outdoor wall faucet on stucco, siding, brick or stone, whatever your dilemma has the solution.  We offer materials pecs on all our Woodford products including faucets with the hose bib vacuum breaker to prevent cross contamination of your water supply. 

You can have confidence in the names Watco and Woodford for high-quality faucets, hydrants and tub repair products. is a proud distributor of Woodford quality faucets and products such as the frost proof hose bib.  We provide quality products and exceptional customer service from a knowledgeable staff.  Contact us to learn more about quality Woodford products including frost free hose bibs.