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If you are renovating a bathroom in an older house, the bathtub drains may be out of date as tub drains are one of the last things anyone thinks of to update.  Some older homes may not even have a functional bathtub stopper making it impossible to take a bath. This is especially important if you have young children who need to take a bath instead of a shower.

The good news is that there are now modern products available which make it very simple to install a bathtub drain cover and tub stopper, no matter how old your tub is. The majority of bathtub drains include a crossbar where a stopper screws into it. This is typically a 3/8 inch or 5/16 inch threaded hole which the drain cover or stopper is easily screwed into. Some older tubs don’t even have this crossbar, leaving you wondering how to install a tub stopper without calling in professional help.

Newer products now exist such as the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution from Watco, a company recognized for providing reliable, durable and innovative tub drain repair products. Watco tub repair products are designed with easy installation in mind, and the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix couldn’t be easier.  You can find this tub stopper solution at, along with simple video instruction showing you how to install a new mesh grid drain cover and push pull stopper on any type of bathtub in less than five minutes.

SimpliQuick® Tub Fix Solution for Old Tubs

With the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution, there is no need to remove your current tub drain which can be a real hassle and older homes. If you have a working, functional bathtub drain there is no need to remove it just to add a bathtub stopper. The SimpliQuick® Push Pull bathtub stopper sits right on top of nearly any tub drain with a universal fit and two installation methods. 

You can either screw in the tub stopper to an existing crossbar with an included 3/8 inch or 5/16 inch reversible post, or for drains without a crossbar you can simply place your new stopper over your existing drain with an included silicone adhesive that provides a permanent, watertight seal.  This bathtub stopper solution comes in many different finishes to match any décor and you can also choose a matching overflow plate to give your bathtub a completely brand-new look. offers innovative solutions to repair your bathtub drain problems yourself, saving you time and money.  SimpliQuick® Tub Fix installs in minutes and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Contact the helpful folks at for more information and assistance in choosing the right tub fix products for your tub. 

If your bathtub stopper is not working properly it may need to be removed for a good cleaning, unless it is too corroded or broken and needs to be replaced.  Either way, you’ve got to remove it to see what’s going on and why your tub stopper isn’t holding water. Removing your bathtub stopper is not as difficult as you may think, especially with help from the tub fix experts at has one goal, to help you fix your bathtub or lavatory sink drain and stopper problems once and for all. Here you will find innovative new tub repair products from Watco, a name recognized for quality tub and drain products built to last.  We also provide free and informative videos to show you the best way to remove bathtub stoppers and overflow plates, as well as how to install a new bathtub stopper in only minutes.

Removing Common Bathtub Stoppers

You can remove the most common types of bathtub stoppers with just a flathead screwdriver and a pair of pliers.  A bathtub stopper that you pull up and turn should be left in the closed position while you firmly hold the base and loosen the top by turning counter clockwise.  If the stopper will not easily come out after loosening, there may be a set screw in place that needs to be loosened.  

Our step by step videos will show you first-hand how to remove the most common types of bathtub stoppers. Once your stopper is removed, it is easier than ever before to install a shiny new tub stopper with innovative products like the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix. This revolutionary bathtub stopper is the easiest way to replace broken or corroded stoppers without removing your tub drain.

The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix provides a universal fit to install over nearly any size of tub drain and includes a mesh grid cover to prevent hair and foreign debris from entering your drain.  This innovative product even installs right over drains that have broken crossbars. Just choose the silicone adhesive method and enjoy your shiny, new bathtub drain in minutes. provides quality Watco tub replacement and repair products, exceptional customer service and easy to follow video instruction. Your satisfaction is paramount to our success, just give us a call with any questions.  Contact us to learn the easiest way to remove bathtub stoppers and how to fix your bathtub drain.

A clogged tub drain is more than an inconvenient nuisance, a can be a grimy, smelly mess.  Clearing a clogged drain as soon as possible is important to regain the use of your bathtub and eliminate any foul odor.  Calling a plumber can be expensive, however, so here are some tips and tricks to try to fix your drain yourself.

Try the following home remedies to clear a clogged drain before calling a plumber:

Use a wire hanger - if you can find on old fashion wire hanger and untwist it with a hook at the end, it can work like a snake for the drain to remove clumps of hair or debris. A plastic snake that you can purchase at any hardware store is more pliable and will not scratch your drain pipe at all, but if you can reach the clog with a hanger it may free up the clog.

Drain cleaner or vinegar - try to use some drain cleaner if you have any, most brands are quite effective at loosening and releasing clogged drains. If you prefer to not use the toxic chemicals in drain cleaners, baking soda and vinegar may do the trick. Mix some baking soda in with a pot of boiling hot water and pour it in your drain, follow with a generous amount of vinegar. Just like the old volcano science experiments, vinegar and baking soda will create a fizzy reaction which is effective at clearing up some clogged drains. Wait for about 20 minutes and follow with another pot of hot, boiling water to see if it does the trick. 

Salt - this is very similar to using a vinegar solution although substituting salt instead of vinegar. It can also be very effective without a vinegary smell. 

The best solution? Prevent a clogged tub drain from occurring in the first place!

How to Prevent a Clogged Tub Drain

It’s always best to prevent a drain from becoming clogged in the first place.  You can prevent hair and foreign debris from entering your drain by installing a mesh grid drain cover. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution by Watco is a push pull stopper with a mesh grid drain cover that is easy to install in under five minutes. The helpful folks at can assist you in selecting the right stopper replacement and installation method. offers innovative bathtub repair and replacement products by Watco, a name trusted by professionals. We provide helpful videos to show you the easiest way to remove existing bathtub stoppers and install a shiny new stopper with a mesh grid drain cover. Contact us to learn how to fix your drain yourself and protect your drain in the future.

An overflow plate on the bathtub is a safety feature which allows water to drain back through the drainpipe rather than spill over the side of the tub in the event it should overflow.  Replacing the overflow plate is easier than you think, and a great way to update the look of your bathtub. If your overflow plate and bathtub stopper are showing signs of wear and tear, replacing them both together in a beautiful matching finish is a quick and easy way to give your bathtub a brand-new look.

How to Remove an Existing Bathtub Overflow Plate

Some overflow plates are attached with two visible screws and are fairly similar to remove with a screwdriver.  You may have a plunger or pop-up style of tub stopper, these are controlled through a lever which protrudes through the overflow plate. The lever controls a linking mechanism which controls the tub stopper by raising or lowering the lever.  When removing this type of overflow plate, be aware that you will also be pulling out the attached stopper and linking arms.

In this case, have a small bucket and a rag handy to keep any grimy mess off of the bathtub.  Newer products such as the Watco Innovator Snap-On tub overflow plate and the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix stopper are now available which make installation a breeze.  These innovative bathtub repair products allow the do-it-yourself homeowner to literally install a new overflow plate and tub stopper in minutes. 

Installing a Snap-On Tub Overflow Plate

The Innovator Snap-On bathtub overflow plate is easy to install with a black retainer nut and adapter bar included. You should use the existing bolt or bolts to secure the retainer nut behind the H bar adapter and use the existing H bar adapter if you have a one hole, two hole or trip lever overflow plate. After securing the retainer nut, simply snap on the Innovator overflow plate with the opening at the bottom.

Replace your existing bathtub stopper with the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix trim kit for a matching overflow plate and push pull stopper with a mesh grid drain cover. This is the quickest and easiest way to replace corroded or broken bathtub fixtures and give your tub a shiny, brand-new look. These innovative tub fix products from Watco are beautiful and functional, designed for long lasting durability and easy installation. offers quality products, exceptional customer support and instructional videos to make your tub fix project a success. Your complete satisfaction is paramount to our success. Contact us for assistance in choosing the right overflow plate and bathtub stopper products. 

If you are considering selling your home, it may be worth your while to make some simple repairs.  Knowing what to focus on with limited time and a limited budget can be confusing. Here is a list of some of the most important and simple things that you can do to improve the chances of your home selling for your asking price.  

At the very least, you’ll want to repair any cracks and patch holes in the walls and ceilings, repair any broken appliances and HVAC systems, make repairs to any broken windows or roof damage and make repairs to any kitchen and bathroom sinks and tub  drains.  Whether you sell your home with a real estate agent or plan to sell by owner, most real estate professionals will agree that the following list of repairs are worth making before selling your home.

1) Exterior

Your home exterior is the first thing that buyers see, so a welcoming curb appeal is important for a good first impression. Make sure that your lawn is neat, free from clutter and weeds.  Planting some flowers is a quick and easy way to provide an inviting, homier touch. 

2)  Paint

Paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the look of your house. Most people prefer light and neutral colors and most real estate professionals will tell you to remove wallpaper whenever possible.

3)  Kitchen

You can make simple renovations to a kitchen that don’t break the budget, but you should speak with a real estate agent before you do a complete  kitchen renovation. Upgrading kitchens can be costly, a professional can help guide you on the upgrades that make good financial sense.  

You wouldn’t want to put more money into a renovation than what is going to get you back in the sale, although some things just may be a deal breaker for potential buyers. Updating issues that could prevent a sale from going through might be worth it.

4)  Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are very important rooms in your home and especially when selling your home as no one wants to come in and have to repair plumbing or leaky drains and faucets. Problems with a continually running toilet, a leaky faucet or a broken bathtub drain should definitely be repaired prior to selling your home.  Making repairs in bathrooms and kitchens can be costly, thus making it critical to have functional, working drains and stoppers in all your tubs and sinks.

Quick and Easy Bathtub Drain Repair

For the quickest and easiest bathtub drain repair methods and products, contact the experts at is the official online retailer for Watco premier bathtub stoppers and drain repair solutions. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution is a push pull stopper that installs over any drain with a universal fit.

With SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, there is no need to remove your existing drain or call a plumbing professional. Simply install a brand-new, shiny, push pull stopper with a mesh grid drain cover in less than five minutes. Contact to help you solve any bathtub repair project so you can focus on more important things.

Fixing a broken bathtub drain can be such a hassle, it’s no wonder this is one of the home repair projects that most people dread and procrastinate on.  Just the thought of figuring out how to remove your existing tub drain and how to install a new drain with the same diameter and thread count seems overwhelming.

Well, forget about removing that existing drain and don’t worry about calling a plumber with the revolutionary bathtub drain repair product by Watco. The innovative SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution from Watco is the easiest way to fix your bathtub drain and requires no prep work. Stop procrastinating on your bathtub drain repair project and learn more about this innovative and easy to install PushPull® bathtub stopper which installs in minutes.

Install New Bathtub Stopper in Minutes

The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix bathtub stopper is the easiest way to repair a broken bathtub drain and upgrade the look of your tub. Since this innovative product sits right on top of your existing drain there is no need to remove your current broken or corroded bathtub drain. You can install your beautiful new bathtub stopper right on top of your bathtub drain which means you don’t even need to worry about having broken crossbars. is pleased to offer this amazingly simple new product from Watco, a company recognized for innovative and quality products that will last. We show you quick and easy to understand videos with step-by-step instruction on how to remove the most common bathtub stoppers and how to install the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution in minutes with virtually no prep work required.

Your new PushPull® stopper comes with your choice of two easy installation methods with either a reversible post in 3/8-in or 5/16-in to fit any tub drain or a silicone adhesive method for drains with broken crossbars. Choose your installation method and choose your finish to upgrade the look of your tub in minutes. is committed to helping you solve your bathtub drain and stopper problems with long-lasting, reliable tub fix solutions. We provide quick and easy video instruction and exceptional customer service for your total satisfaction. Contact us with any questions and to learn how to transform the look of your tub with no hassle and no prep work required.

Repairing a broken bathtub drain is a daunting task, one that most homeowners dread. Replacing or repairing a broken bathtub drain does not have to be such an intimidating project. Eagle Mountain Products makes any bathtub drain repair project quick and easy with quality Watco products, easy to follow videos with hands-on demonstrations and exceptional customer support.

We want to help you tackle your bathtub repair project with confidence and set you up for success. Eagle Mountain Products offers everything you need to repair, replace or just upgrade the look of your bathtub with beautiful, shiny new fixtures.  We are the premier online retailer for Watco tub drain products and Woodford durable faucets and hydrants.

Simple and Quick Tub Drain Fix

Eagle Mountain Products offers quality Watco bathtub fixtures such as replacement stoppers, bathtub drain closures and waste drain solutions. Watco is recognized for quality bathtub and sink drain products which are designed for easy installation and built to last.

The revolutionary SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is a replacement stopper like no other, which includes a mesh grid strainer cover and sits right over your existing drain. With this innovative tub drain repair product there is no need to remove your existing drain. Even if you have broken crossbars, this PushPull® stopper sits right on top of your existing drain with a silicone adhesive for a permanent, watertight seal.

We also offer a full line of tub drain closures such as QuickTrim and the Universal NuFit® and additional products. Waste drain products are also available in tubular plastic, tubular brass, flexible hose and schedule 40 to meet any bathtub waste drain project.  Completing your bathtub with a matching overflow plate in a trim kit finish of your choice upgrades and updates the look of your entire bathroom.

We offer the easiest and quickest method to repair, replace or upgrade your bathtub with full professional support, providing quality products and easy instructional videos.

Eagle Mountain Products is your one-stop solution for all your tub drain and fixture repair or replacement projects. We show you the easiest method with quality products and exceptional customer support. Contact us to learn more about Watco’s innovative bathtub repair solutions.